Finding a Fit with your Dentist

family-dentistryObtaining dental care is an important aspect of good oral health. Finding a dentist that you’re happy with plays a big part in your willingness to maintain regular appointments and seek help when you need it. Here are some guidelines for identifying a dentist you trust for your oral health needs.

The first thing to look for in a dentist is the education and ongoing training that indicate the dentist is qualified to handle your dentistry needs. Ask around your area to make sure the dentist has a good reputation, and ask about the dentist’s affiliations with dental groups such as the American Dental Association. You must have faith in the dentist so that you trust that good recommendations are being made about your treatment.

Be sure you have good chemistry with the dentist and the office staff. This means you feel comfortable in the office and with the people working there, and that all of your questions are being answered.

Having a dentist who is conveniently located near your home or work increases the likelihood that you will schedule and keep your appointments. Your goal should be to make the process as simple on you as possible, so that you have no excuses about not making the trip to the office.

If you’re interested in any specific procedures or services, make sure the dentist offers them and has experience performing them.

If you have dental insurance, don’t forget to ask if the dentist accepts that type of insurance. Ask for typical pricing on services that you’ll likely be getting, including exams, cleanings, X-rays, fillings, teeth whitening, or other procedures.


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Making Dental Visits a Regular Part of your Routine

dental-cleaning2It’s sometimes easy to forget about going to the dentist, especially when your oral health seems fine and there’s no nagging issue prompting you to go. However, the important thing to remember about dentistry is that it provides preventative care instead of just dealing with problems that already exist. Here are some good reasons to consistently visit the dentist every six months or so.

Hidden problems
Even if you practice good oral care at home, there are some things that you can’t do on your own. Your dentist can examine areas of your mouth that you can’t see or reach yourself. Additionally, your dentist has special equipment designed for thorough examination. X-rays are helpful to look for disease and bone issues. Sometimes problems are hiding that you can’t see or feel, but your dentist can identify issues before they become more serious.

Avoiding pain
If you don’t want to go to the dentist for preventative care when you’re not experiencing any pain or other problems, what makes you think you’d rather go when you have a toothache? It’s better to have regular checkups and identify any conditions that can be treated before symptoms begin. Don’t wait until you are having problems to see your dentist. Instead, maintain a healthy mouth so that you have a better chance of avoiding pain later.

Need for a specialist
During a dental checkup, you may learn that there is another kind of dental professional who can help you. Perhaps your jaw alignment needs correction, or your wisdom teeth should be removed. Oral surgeons and orthodontists are examples of specialists who can provide treatment if your dentist determines it might help you in the long run.


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Caring for Dental Implants

Receiving dental implants can change your life for the better by giving you back your smile with permanent, natural-looking restorations. Missing teeth are replaced with titanium tooth roots implanted directly into your jawbone and covered by an artificial tooth. Once you’ve healed from the procedure, you’ll want to properly care for your implants so that they last as long as possible.

Initially after receiving implants, you should not brush them while they are at a sensitive stage. Your dentist will give you a mouthwash to use to clean your mouth in the meantime. Once your dentist says it’s safe to brush, you can do so just like your regular teeth. Brush after every mean with a soft toothbrush. Using a brush with a bent handle is best to help you reach the back areas of the implant more easily.

Just like your natural teeth, it’s important to floss around your dental implants regularly. Strive to floss every day, and access every side of your teeth.

Extra cleanings are a good idea when you have dental implants, sometimes as many as four times a year if your dentist advises it. X-rays may be necessary occasionally to make sure your implants are staying in great shape. You can expect your dental implants to last a long time, but wear and tear will occur just as with most things in life. Therefore, taking good care of it according to your dentist’s advice will boost the life span and keep you smiling longer.


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Are Porcelain Veneers an Option for Kids?

kid_imageIt’s not unusual for diet, poor oral hygiene, trauma, medications, and the environment to have negative impacts on your child’s teeth. Chips, stains, discolorations, and breaks are all possible at any age. Problems like these can cause embarrassment and make a normally outgoing child become shy or less social. The good news is that dentistry offers porcelain veneers to patients of all ages so that their smiles can look beautiful and their attitudes can reflect their winning appearance.

Porcelain veneers are customized thin shells that are placed over the fronts of your child’s teeth to hide any imperfections. They are securely bonded to the tooth enamel to create a durable solution. Veneers look like natural teeth, yet provide an improvement to whatever problems might lie underneath. However, remember that veneers are not a remedy for gum disease or tooth decay. Issues such as those must be treated separately with your child’s dentist.

If your child has problems that you think might benefit from veneers, consult your child’s dentist to find out more so you can make a smart decision whether they are a good choice for your child’s smile. Most dentists use a traditional approach to veneers for children, involving very little dental reduction or change to the original tooth. Most of the tooth and enamel is able to stay intact, which also mean no anesthesia or discomfort during the veneer process. The less tooth structure that is removed, the better it is for your child to create a long-lasting solution. Children’s mouths require space for permanent teeth and correct development of jaws and teeth, also allowing for proper speech development. Retaining as much original tooth structure as possible is helpful in achieving these goals.

It is likely that your child will be pleased with the natural look that porcelain veneers provide. Colors can be easily matched to surrounding teeth, and neighboring teeth are not damaged in any way during treatment. Veneers can be a great way to enhance your child’s smile and restore their confidence.


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