The In’s and Out’s of Cosmetic Dentistry

1-cosmetic-dentistry-bartlett-ilIf you are unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be able to turn that frown upside down. The appearance and function of your teeth and gums can be improved, along with the added benefits of enhancing your self-esteem and making you confident to show your smile. Here are some general guidelines about cosmetic dentistry.

Advancements are being made all the time to provide natural-looking ways to restore your smile. Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of techniques that can correct problems. Some of these include porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns, implants, and gum grafts. Cosmetic dentists can restore missing teeth, correct gaps in your smile, restore comfortable mouth function, and help improve your overall health.

This specialty concentrates on aligning your teeth properly so that your mouth functions well and appears proportioned. Orthodontic treatment through the use of braces or other appliances provides a straight and appealing smile, while also giving you a well-aligned jaw.

Dental fillings
To correct cavities or similar problems, dental fillings are used. Improvements have been made so that fillings are less noticeable and very durable. Often, resin or porcelain may be used to provide a seamless look.

Teeth whitening
Transforming stained or discolored teeth into whiter, more appealing smiles has become increasingly popular in cosmetic dentistry. There are a variety of simple techniques available that can give you a more youthful, bright smile.

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Dental Issues During Pregnancy

pregnancyIt is important for both an expectant mother and her unborn baby to maintain healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy. This means practicing good oral hygiene and having regular visits to the dentist during this special time in a mother’s life. There are some common problems that pregnant women face involving their oral health. Here are some dental issues to watch out for during pregnancy.

Pregnancy gingivitis
Changes in hormone levels can irritate the gums, increase sensitivity, and trigger gum disease. Pregnancy gingivitis is a common issue that triggers bleeding gums during brushing and flossing. The condition can advance to serious periodontal disease if not treated, and end up harming the bones that secure teeth in place. Therefore, tooth loss is possible for serious cases. Tooth decay and infection are other effects of pregnancy gingivitis, and it can even cause the baby to be born with low birth weight.

Tooth decay
Morning sickness not only makes an expectant mother feel terrible, it can actually cause tooth decay and damage teeth. These results are linked to the increased acid in a mother’s mouth during morning sickness. Sometimes switching toothpastes helps relieve feelings of sickness, so dentists may have suggestions about specific toothpastes to try that might reduce morning sickness.

Pregnancy tumors
Possible at any time during pregnancy, a large red lump can form on irritated gums. It may bleed, become crusty, cause discomfort, and impact speaking and eating. This growth is called a pregnancy tumor and requires treatment from a dental health professional.


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Smile Makeovers Can Make a Good Impression

teeth-whiteningIf you have a well-maintained exterior, you’re more likely to have a self-confident interior. And if you are self-confident and looking good, you are more likely to achieve things like that job you’re seeking or that date you’re wanting. One way to achieve these goals and make a good impression is to undergo a smile makeover.

Cosmetic dentistry has become increasingly popular in recent years because people are realizing the role that a healthy, attractive smile plays. Others even tend to judge you based on your teeth, making assumptions about your lifestyle or your hygiene habits. When you have dental problems like chipped teeth, discolorations, cavities, missing teeth, or uneven gums, these issues can hinder the way you look and feel. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of procedures that can renew your smile.

The first step in a smile makeover is making a consultation appointment with a qualified, experienced cosmetic dentist. You can explain your goals for your smile, and learn about the procedures your dentist recommends for you. You may receive suggestions for a single procedure or multiple enhancements, with the ultimate goal of making your teeth look as natural and healthy as possible. Some common cosmetic dentistry options include:

  • Teeth whitening to brighten your tooth color
  • Veneers to cover imperfections on your teeth
  • Implants to restore missing teeth
  • Gum or tooth contouring to reshape areas
  • Bonding to correct imperfections like tooth chips
  • Orthodontic appliances to realign teeth and jaws

No matter which procedures are right for you, advances in cosmetic dentistry allow you to achieve a winning smile that will allow you to make a good impression on others, as well as improve your self-esteem.


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Dealing with Dental Fears

marlton-ddsResearch shows that about 20 percent of American adults have some amount of fear about going to the dentist. Good oral health is part of maintaining good overall health, so you shouldn’t let your fear of the dentist keep you from obtaining care. If you are one of the people who put off going to the dentist because it just causes too much anxiety, here are some tips to help you make it into the dental chair.

Meet the dentist
Make a consultation appointment to meet the dentist, because establishing a relationship will help you select the right provider for your needs. Look for someone who makes you feel at ease.

Acknowledge your fears
You’re not the only one out there who has anxiety about going to the dentist. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you have fears, and don’t hesitate to let your dentist know about your qualms. Choose a dentist who understands that some patients experience fears and is willing to help you through them instead of neglecting your feelings.

Bring distractions
Come prepared for your appointment with an iPod or MP3 player containing your favorite tunes. Music can help cover the sounds of office and equipment noises that make you nervous, and can provide a calming distraction.

Consider sedation
If your anxiety is severe enough that you put off your checkups or procedures, ask your dentist about dental sedation options. A mild sedative might be what you need to get you through dental visits, or nitrous oxide may be necessary while you undergo dental work. Sedation dentistry is a very effective solution for many patients with dental fears.


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