teeth-whitening-1A sparkling smile can improve your appearance, lift your spirits, and enhance your whole approach to life. Yellow or stained teeth can bring a person down. This is why teeth whitening has become such a popular way to improve your looks and your self-esteem at the same time. Here are some choices you have when it comes to brightening your smile.

Laser treatments provide one way to whiten your teeth, and obviously must be professionally administered in a dental office. This involves applying a special gel to your teeth while covering the gums for protection, and then shining a laser onto each tooth. The light reacts with the gel to whiten the teeth. It is best to look for a professional who has experience and good reputation for success in laser teeth whitening, as you want to be sure not to over-whiten your teeth to create an unnatural look.

Tooth bleaching is an option in which bleach is applied to your teeth. Be sure only gels made for teeth whitening are used, because bleach can be harmful to your teeth and gums if it is not the right kind. This method of whitening can take a bit longer than other options.

There are several home whitening choices available. The simplest may be toothpaste specifically designed for that reason, although they require long-term use to get noticeable results. Strips are another method, which you adhere to the fronts of your teeth for about thirty minutes each day for a few weeks. These sometimes increase tooth sensitivity, but usually it is not severe. Whitening trays are also available that fit into your mouth for you to hold in place while a whitening gel placed in the trays goes to work.

No matter which teeth whitening method you select, practicing good oral hygiene and maintaining regular dental checkups are important ways to keep your smile healthy and looking good.


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