An awesome smile adds up to your confidence! As time passes by, your teeth lose their natural sheen and whiteness. This can be due to various dietary components that stain the teeth. To give your teeth a refreshing whiteness, try the revolutionary product Zoom! Whitening. Your teeth can get lighter up to 10 shades.

Will Zoom! Whitening work for me?
If you wish to have a spotless sparkle on your pearly whites, you should try Zoom! Whitening. You will see your stains disappear magically. If your stains were caused due to some internal problem like stains due to certain drugs or fluorosis due to excess of fluoride in drinking water, you may not be able to achieve the expected results.

What is Zoom! Whitening?
Zoom! Whitening is a revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry and it consists of a whitening gel along with an ultraviolet light. This unique combination works on your teeth and gives you the 1000-watt smile that you had always dreamt of.

How much time does Zoom! Whitening take?
The whole procedure is completed within a single appointment. Initially, your lips and gums are covered to protect them from the bleaching solution. After that, the dentist will coat the teeth with the bleaching solution and the solution is activated with the help of a special light. The same procedure is carried out for three times, taking 20 minutes each time.

How long will the results last?
For long-lasting effects avoid foods and beverages that can tarnish your teeth. Proper oral hygiene maintenance and regular dental checkups are important as well. For occasional touch-ups, you may be provided with special take-home trays by few dentists. These steps will help you enjoy your brilliant smile for a longer time period.


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