Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

Everybody likes to wear his best looks because it gives him confidence to face the world. Cosmetic dentistry is all about enhancing your smile by correcting any defects and beautifully modifying what you have. Listed below are the various means of enhancing your smile -

Teeth Whitening
With growing age and consumption of some foods and beverages, your smile may become dull and may lose its natural luster. Teeth whitening is the process by which your stains disappear and you get a young-looking persona. It is recommended to go for professional teeth whitening carried out by dental experts. Few dental offices may even provide you with take-home kits.

If you have minor defects like small gapped, chipped or cracked teeth, dental bonding is often a good option. For this, your dentist will apply a tooth-colored resin in layers and set it with a special curing light. Dental bonding repairs your teeth and makes your smile lively.

Porcelain Veneers
Veneers are extremely thin dental porcelain casings that conceal tooth defects. Known for their durability and stain resistance, veneers can work wonders in your personality.

Composite Fillings
If there is a cavity, your dentist will drill out the decay and do a filling. Earlier, silver amalgam fillings were the material of choice. Now, dentists go for composite fillings as they are esthetic, strong and durable.

Smile Makeover
At times, you may want to make your smile more presentable and attractive. You may even desire for a new and trendy look. Smile makeovers can bring that miraculous change! A thorough check-up with a comprehensive treatment plan are key elements of smile makeover.


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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for You

teeth-whitening-2The field of cosmetic dentistry offers many treatments options that can transform your smile into what you’ve always hoped it could be. These oral health specialists offer ways to correct discoloration, chips, gaps, holes, and other flaws that negatively affect your smile. Even though the list of procedures is long, not every one of them is the right one for every patient. Before selecting a cosmetic dentistry procedure, make sure it’s the best to meet your needs.

Teeth whitening
Professionally brightening your smile in your dentist’s office can provide dramatic and fast results. Treatment involves having a special bleaching gel placed on your teeth and then a laser light being shined on them to complete the process. It may be too uncomfortable though for patients who have highly sensitive teeth and gums, and it’s not approved for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Dental implants
Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants, which are basically artificial tooth roots with a dental crown on top to complete the look. Implants are permanently secured directly into your jawbone to provide a very natural and durable solution. This is not a good option for patients who have significant bone loss from conditions like periodontal disease, unless bone graft surgery is done to correct the problem. Patients who have a history of head and neck radiation therapy also need to be examined thoroughly to ensure implants are an option.

Dental veneers hide all sorts of imperfections by covering the fronts of damaged teeth with thin shells. Because some tooth enamel often requires removal during treatment, teeth sensitivity can be an issue for some patients. Those who grind or clench their teeth also may not be candidates for veneers because the pressure can damage them.

Orthodontic problems are often resolved by cosmetic dentists using braces. Patients with metal allergies or periodontal disease no longer have to forego braces, because traditional treatment is not the only choice. Clear plastic braces are now a great choice for many patients.


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The In’s and Out’s of Cosmetic Dentistry

1-cosmetic-dentistry-bartlett-ilIf you are unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be able to turn that frown upside down. The appearance and function of your teeth and gums can be improved, along with the added benefits of enhancing your self-esteem and making you confident to show your smile. Here are some general guidelines about cosmetic dentistry.

Advancements are being made all the time to provide natural-looking ways to restore your smile. Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of techniques that can correct problems. Some of these include porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns, implants, and gum grafts. Cosmetic dentists can restore missing teeth, correct gaps in your smile, restore comfortable mouth function, and help improve your overall health.

This specialty concentrates on aligning your teeth properly so that your mouth functions well and appears proportioned. Orthodontic treatment through the use of braces or other appliances provides a straight and appealing smile, while also giving you a well-aligned jaw.

Dental fillings
To correct cavities or similar problems, dental fillings are used. Improvements have been made so that fillings are less noticeable and very durable. Often, resin or porcelain may be used to provide a seamless look.

Teeth whitening
Transforming stained or discolored teeth into whiter, more appealing smiles has become increasingly popular in cosmetic dentistry. There are a variety of simple techniques available that can give you a more youthful, bright smile.

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